Webinar: gender dimension of foreign policy in the response to Covid-19

Petra Stienen (ALDE, Netherlands), rapporteur on the gender dimension of foreign policy took part in an AS/Ega webinar on the gender dimension in the response to Covid-19. The webinar was held on 11 June and brought together:

Bert Koenders, Professor of Peace, Justice and Security at Leiden University (Kooijmans Chair), Special Envoy of the World Bank for Fragile States, Member of the Board of Trustees of the International Crisis Group and Commissioner of the International Commission on Missing Persons

Ann Bernes, Swedish Ambassador for Gender Equality and Coordinator of Feminist Foreign Policy

Samira Rafaela, Member of the European Parliament

Delphine O, Secretary General of the Generation Equality Forum 2020-2021, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, France

Jennifer Cassidy (PhD), Lecturer at University of Oxford, Editor of the book ‘Gender and Diplomacy’, Former diplomat




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