Sanctions against persons involved in the persecution of Vladimir Kara-Murza

During the Legal Affairs Committee meeting on 30 November, Eerik Kross (ALDE) organised a hearing in the framework of his report on sanctions against persons on the "Kara-Murza list". The hearing featured Yevgeniia Kara-Murza and Bill Browder. ALDE continues to stand with those who fight for freedom and democracy. We recall that in an introductory memorandum declassified by the Committee in June 2023, Mr Kross underlined that a strong case can be made “to subject all the persons figuring on the ‘Kara-Murza list’ to targeted sanctions under the existing ‘Magnitsky laws’ in particular the relevant provisions enacted by the European Union.”

“Those who persecute opposition members and democracy activists in Russia often hide behind anonymity. We must keep these names on our agendas. This is a powerful message, including to the victims of repressions.

Although it is not PACE’s role to establish sanctions, PACE members could rely on the Assembly’s findings to urge their national governments to act.

We realise this will not immediately help Vladimir Kara-Murza, illegally accused and put in jail for 25 years, but it may help others. I hope it does not take us 25 years to get this sanction list done,” explains Eerik Kross.


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Free Vladimir Kara-Murza
ALDE-PACE Newsletter N°3, 2024