Persons with disabilities have the same human rights as you and me

“Persons with disabilities have the same human rights as you and me. They have the right to live independently and receive appropriate community-based services. This applies no matter how intensive their support needs. Society must accommodate human diversity and enable persons with disabilities to be an active part of it, to achieve full inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in the community” – said rapporteur Reina de Bruijn-Wezeman (ALDE, Netherlands) in her opening speech.

Rapporteur for opinion of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination Liliana Tanguy (ALDE, France) supported the report and presented one amendment. “This amendment aims to strengthen the resolution by inviting States to conduct awareness-raising campaigns to reverse the stereotypes and prejudices that persist against people with disabilities. We believe that such campaigns are essential to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in society,” underlined Ms Tanguy in the plenary debate.


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