June 2021 ALDE-PACE Newsletter

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June 2021 part-session highlights:

  • ALDE-PACE marked the 10th anniversary of the Istanbul Convention.
  • ALDE-PACE held an exchange of views with Liberal International President Hakima el Haite to discuss common effort to explore and strengthen the link between human rights and environment.
  • As the human rights situation in Belarus hits a new low, the ALDE group supported the proposal for PACE to hold a current affairs debate on the issue. Previously the ALDE Party adopted a resolution condemning unprecedented repressions against civil society and political opponents in the country.
  • ALDE-PACE President Jacques Maire expressed deep concern about pre-electoral pressure against political opponents in Russia, including Yabloko – a respected member of the European liberal family fighting for democracy, human rights and freedom since 1993. ALDE-PACE called for full respect of political rights of Russian citizens.
  • During the June session, three ALDE-PACE members were appointed rapporteurs: Alexandra Louis (France) on The impact of the Covid-19 restrictions for civil society space and activities (Legal Affairs Committee); Petra Stienen (Netherlands) on Sexual and reproductive health and rights (Equality Committee) and Diana Stoica (Romania) on Preventing addictive behaviours in children (Social Affairs Committee).
  • ALDE-PACE congratulates its former Vice-President Marija Golubeva on her appointment as Minister of the Interior of Latvia and wishes her success in her new position.


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