Families of Political Prisoners: women fighting for their loved ones

Authoritarian regimes on the European continent and in the neighbouring region have increased repression against political activists and those who dare to speak out. While this problem receives attention at the highest level of the Council of Europe, we rarely discuss what happens to the families of political prisoners. This problem also has a clear gender dimension. A large majority of the persecuted activists are men. When they are put behind bars, often for very long prison terms, women are left alone to take care of their families, children, and elderly persons. Sometimes they become political activists themselves or have to leave their country.

Evgenia Kara-Murza, Tatsiana Khomich and Sanaa Seif who are fighting for the release of their relatives will join us to raise awareness of this problem and to discuss what it is to be a family member of a political prisoner and how our help can be organised in a more efficient way.

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ALDE-PACE Newsletter N°3, 2024