Europe Day 2020: Message from ALDE-PACE President Jacques Maire

"This year we celebrate the 70th anniversary of two documents which are the basis of the modern project of a European unity. As it has been said and written many times, the Schuman declaration and the European Convention on Human Rights gave birth to two different projects: the European Union and the Council of Europe. But these two projects crystallized a European spirit and a common goal: to achieve together a peaceful, prosperous and fair society respectful of the rights and freedoms of everyone. These two projects stem from a common understanding that Europe should stand together – all the more so in times of crisis.  

Such a simple idea. But making it real required colossal political courage from European post-war leaders. They were able to see beyond their time, beyond political division lines and beyond national borders.

Today Europe is going through a very difficult period. Many are scared, some are looking for comfort in nationalist rhetoric.
These difficult times require a lot of courage from political leaders. But I strongly believe that the most courageous step would be to strictly respect and cherish European values. Going ever further together, looking beyond new horizons and beyond new division lines. We must draw inspiration from the wisdom and courage of Robert Schuman, Jean Monnet, Alcide De Gasperi, Konrad Adenauer, René Cassin, Sir Hersch Lauterpacht and many others whose belief in the European idea has enabled our continent to make unprecedented progress," said Jacques Maire.


Jacques Maire and Rik Daems contribute to 2020: a Double Anniversary for the European Project




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