Compensating Ukraine and Holding Russia Accountable

Today, PACE unanimously adopted a resolution and a recommendation in support of Ukraine. It is a clear message that Europe stands together.

  • Compensation for damages caused by the war in Ukraine: we call for the establishment of an international compensation mechanism to address the financial losses suffered by Ukraine and its people due to the Russian invasion.
  • Use of frozen Russian assets: we urge countries to transfer frozen Russian state assets to the compensation fund to finance Ukraine’s reconstruction.
  • Accountability for the Russian Federation: we emphasize the need to hold Russia accountable for its actions and calls for countermeasures to pressure Russia to comply with international law.
  • Personal liability: we propose measures to hold Russian politicians, oligarchs, and others with ties to the regime personally liable for their role in the war. This could involve freezing and confiscating their assets.
  • Efficiency and transparency: we call for establishing a fair and efficient claims process to distribute compensation funds effectively.

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