Can Democracy Save the Environment?

How does democracy affect the environment? Can environment be considered as a human right and how can this right be better guaranteed? Yulia Ovchynnikova (Ukraine) and Liliana Tanguy (France), ALDE-PACE members of the joint LI working group on Human Rights and Environment, as well as Jean-Pierre Grin (Switzerland), are attending the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, dedicated this year to the environment.

Follow Yulia Ovchynnikova in the Forum talk 5 “Linking biodiversity, climate change and a healthy environment”, Liliana Tanguy in the Forum talk 2 “Human Rights for Climate”, Jean-Pierre Grin in Lab 9 "Knowledge is power: Environmental education and training"
Livestream (Forum tlaks 9 November 2021, 11.30-13.00 & 14.30-16.30 CET)


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