ALDE-PACE to meet in Strasbourg on 24-26 April

The ALDE group in PACE will conduct three meetings during the upcoming April part-session. Among the highlights is an exchange of views with Dr. Hedy Fry, Canada, President of the Liberal group at the OSCE PA.

ALDE will also discuss the state of preparations to the Reykjavik Summit of heads of state and government and destabilisation attempts in the Republic of Moldova against the backdrop of the Russian war in Ukraine.

During the April session ALDE will conduct and facilitate a series of activities on political prisoners. On 26 April, ALDE organises a side-event to draw attention to the situation of families of political prisoners. We will also continue to discuss the introduction of individual sanctions against those involved in the persecution of Vladimir Kara-Murza. Finally, following the sentencing Vladimir Kara-Murza to 25 years in prison, on 24 April 2023 at 12.30 pm in front of the debating chamber, ALDE group leader and members will express solidarity with Vladimir and other political prisoners. This event is organised by the President of PACE with the support of political group leaders.   


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