ALDE in PACE Committees

The ALDE group reinforces positions in PACE committees with two committee Chairs and five Vice-Chairs elected on 27 and 28 January 2020.

Committee Chairs:

Michael Aastrup Jensen, Denmark

Monitoring Committee

Olivier Becht, France Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media 

 Committee Vice-Chairs:

Petra STIENEN, Netherlands

1st VC Equality and Non-Discrimination

Edmon MARUKYAN, Armenia

1st VC Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Claude KERN, France

3rd VC Political Affairs and Democracy


2nd VC Migration and Refugees and Displaced persons

Emily MEHL, Norway

3rd VC Election of Judges to the European Court of Human Rights






ALDE-PACE to meet in Strasbourg
Pre-electoral visit to North Macedonia
PACE POL recommends that Kosovo* be invited to become a member of the Council of Europe