Marieluise Beck takes part in ALDE Party Conference in Moscow

ALDE Party and RPR Parnas conference, Moscow, 12 December 2014
ALDE Party and RPR Parnas conference, Moscow, 12 December 2014

18.12.2014 Mrs Marieluise Beck (ALDE-PACE) took part in the conference on "Crisis in Russia-EU relations: causes and ways out" co-organised by ALDE Party together with its Russian member RPR-Parnas on 12 December in Moscow. In her address, Mrs Beck discussed the risks to European security posed by the annexation of Crimea, the situation in Donbass and the new type of warfare "the hybrid war". She spoke about the commitments the Russian Federation undertook when joining the Council of Europe and the confusion in Europe over the non-respect of signed treaties. Finally, Mrs Beck called on all democratic forces to stand together for common values in order to counteract the slide towards right-wing extremism and populism. "In Germany, we had deep hopes that our peoples would come together and the disappointment is huge over what has happened and we can hardly understand," declared Mrs Beck. Read more...

"The Helsinki Final Act we signed in 1975 was a paper of mutual understanding with two basics: integrity of borders and freedom to join any institution that sovereign country want [] It is in the interest of all of us that we do not start changing borders according to the might, according to the military force of a country. Because this is going to bring back wars and terrible times to our Europe and we do not want war to come back." []

"So what we experience at this conference today - and it is coming from both sides - is that democratic forces who are standing for our common values claim the will to join together: this is of course about open societies, about the rule of law, it is even about laws like the right to have sexual orientation the way you want to have it, even if orthodox circles do not like that. It means no aggression, no military action towards other people, and it means the rule of law to everybody, no justice exposed to political interference." []

"The task for 21st century for democrats is to come back to universal international law which cannot be changed by any propaganda, by any regime or military power. Because we are all striving for peaceful, respectful and democratic understanding for each other. Which is the only possibility to take care of the tasks we actually have: having a good living and developing our societies."

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