Bureau of the ALDE

According to the Rules of Procedure of the ALDE (as amended on 25 January 2010), the Bureau of the Group consists of the Chairperson, the Secretary General, 10 Vice-Chairpersons and the Treasurer of the Group. Chairpersons of committees and former Chairpersons of the Group are ex officio members of the Bureau.

Last regular elections held on 25 January 2016
Last extraordinary elecitons held (President of ALDE) on 9 October 2017
Next regular elections to be held in January 2018

Mr DAEMS, Hendrik (Belgium)
picture of bureau memberMr HEER, Alfred (Switzerland)
picture of bureau memberMr JENSEN, Michael Aastrup (Denmark)
picture of bureau memberMrs KORENJAK KRAMAR, Ksenija (Slovenia)
picture of bureau memberMrs LUNDGREN, Kerstin (Sweden)
picture of bureau memberMr RIGONI, Andrea (Italy)
picture of bureau memberMrs SOTNYK, Olena (Ukraine)
Honorary President
picture of bureau memberMrs BRASSEUR, Anne (Luxembourg)
picture of bureau memberMr PASQUIER, Bernard (Monaco)