Presidents of the Liberal Group

Rik Daems, Belgium
President of ALDE: since 9 October 2017

Jordi Xuclà, Spain
President of ALDE 2014- 9 October 2017

Anne Brasseur
Anne Brasseur

Anne Brasseur, Luxembourg
President of ALDE: 2009-2014
President of PACE: 2014-2016
Honorary President of ALDE since 2014

Matyas Eörsi, Hungary
President of the LDR/ALDE: 2002-2009
Candidate for Secretary General of the CoE in 2009

Kristiina Ojuland, Estonia
President of the LDR: 1999-2002
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia: 2002-2004
Member of the European Parliament: 2009-2015

Lord Russell-Johnston, United Kingdom
President of the LDR: 1994-1999
President of PACE: 1999-2002

Daniel Tarschys, Sweden
President of the LDR: 1991-1994
Secretary General of the Council of Europe: 1994-1999

Bjorn Elmquist, Denmark
President of the Liberal, Democratic and Reformers Group (LDR)

Manfred Vohrer, Germany
President of the Liberal Group

Frederik Portheine, Netherlands
President of the Liberal Group